Friday, December 19, 2008

Kitty Bowl- Check!

My first ever custom kitty bed is complete; I love the way this turned out! The flat base is about 12 inches across. The sides go up, out, and curve back in making it 14" across at the opening, and 4" high.

The colors of this bed were chosen to match a specific decor. Click HERE to see the link my customer gave me. How did I do?

I sure hope Baxter likes his new sleeping quarters. I should know in 2-3 days when the package arrives at its destination. My customer has promised me a photo of the kitty in the bed; I can't wait to see that!


RunsWithScissors said...

OMG, I want to sleep in that! The colors are awesome!

Blossoms said...

Wow! Jennie, all I can say is that's one lucky kitty :)

Fishstikks said...

Your colors came out beautifully and Baxter looks like he loves his new bed. Great job!