Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

A big hug and shout out to my friend and leader of the Etsyfriends Team, Amanda at SygnetCreations. She turned my cheeks *sosorosey*with the blog feature above. Click on the photo to read it, and please leave her a comment while you are there. Thank you, Amanda!!
Don't forget to come back and visit tomorrow...a new Friday Favorite will be revealed!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something New!

It's a little strange, I admit it, how in love I am with this new item. I can't stop looking at these, and holding them carefully, and marvelling at their dainty perfection.

A fabric swatch of a sweet pink rose from a vintage sheet, a scalloped crochet border, and a paper bead in complementary shades combine with a sturdy gift tag and thin polka dot ribbon to equal one thing: pure feminine romance.


What woman wouldn't melt a little seeing one of these on the top of a package? She'll never forget who the gift came from, because she won't want to throw away the tag! That's OK- it makes a great bookmark, too.


See Karen, I told you I would come up with something special to do with the gorgeous beads you made for me...I suspect you'll be getting another order for these soon!!


My only problem now is deciding whether to sell these individually,
or in sets of three. Opinions?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

olive + orchid

The main treasury opened up at the perfect time yesterday...about 11:20 am, while my daughter was at preschool. I have had these two colors on my mind lately, and I was thrilled to be able to find super items from etsyfriends, csst, and design style guide members. Go teams!
There is one day left for this collection to be viewed, and I am super excited that it is on the first page of *hotness*. If you haven't viewed it, please click on the picture to go straight to the treasury page. There is no more room for comments, but clicking on each of the fabulous items will make this even more popular! I've never had a treasury that I made make it to the front page- with your help, maybe this one can do it!!
Have you made any treasuries or been featured lately? Share the links in the comments, and I will be sure to visit!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Makeover Monday 4/27

Good Monday morning!
So, what happens if you take a plain, avocado colored cotton bowl...

... and add a strip from a beautiful french cotton scarf?


This will be a set of 3 nesting bowls very soon. Look for them in my shop later this week!
What are your plans for today? Got anything fun going on? Please share!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Care To Guess?

I was in the mood to make something new and cute the other day, and this is the result. I am so pleasantly surprised that this came out on the first try the way that I envisioned it!
But, um, do you know what it is?
Please leave your best guess in the comments!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lidded Project Keeper: Check!

One of my very, very best customers is a fellow crocheter! She has so many orders and projects that she probably has a hook in her hand more often than not. To help keep her projects organized and secure, she ordered herself a custom lidded project keeper in blues and greens. Didn't this turn out pretty? Check out more pictures HERE.
Have you made anything great for someone special lately?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Finds

Finally...a moment of peace! I have been so excited to share some of my thrifted treasures from this week with you. So, without further ado, here we go!
A baker's dozen of these GORGEOUS antique porcelain knobs in superb condition: $10 (Funny aside, the tag on these said "antic noobs"...boy does that make me giggle!!!)

Set of vintage jadite tupperware reamers: 25 cents

Vintage embroidered pink satin hanky holder: $1.40

Love, love, love these sheets!! I found 2 sets of these in fabulous condition: $4.90 each.
I'm dreaming of a rug in these colors, mmmmm.


Thank you so much to all who voted in the Etsyfriends Team Earth Day Challenge- my rug came in first place!! All of the entries were wonderful, so I am very honored!!

What's on tap for your weekend? Been thrifting lately? Do tell!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

Well, the title is a little dramatic. But, please enjoy my little video!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exciting Earth Day

I had a very special surprise today! My super friend Angela from aandboriginals sent me the screenshot above... That's my orange tray down on the bottom, and this was an Etsy front page this morning.
I am particularly flattered by this as it was a collection chosen by Etsy admin, found using the word "upcycled"...I am so humbled and excited to have my "eco-friendliness" honored this way on Earth Day.

And this gorgeous purple and mustard collection was on the front page yesterday! What a rush! Thank you to 3dots for including my bowl set, and thank you Amy from ThePeachTree for sending me a message to let me know!


There is still time to vote in the Etsyfriends Earth Day Challenge! There are prizes for 10 people who take the time to vote, and all you have to do is leave a comment with your choice! This is my "Love Your Mother" rag rug on the photo to get to the voting spot. Entries will be taken through midnight tonight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Isn't that a fun word? You can't really say it without smiling. Yippee! Yippee!
And, I never see my friend and teammate without smiling either. Her beautiful red and aqua avatar inspired this new bowlee of mine. Pop on in to see Ms. Yippee's "sweet blend of old and new"- you will smile, I just know it!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Makeover Monday: 4/20

Sometimes I know what I will be making before I start cutting a fabric. Other times, I let the material guide me. Last night was one of those "other times". As I began crocheting the strips from this gorgeous pillowcase, I couldn't bear to lose any of the color in the bottom of a bowl- it HAD to be a trivet. It is a bit smaller than my usual table coaster size, but I do love the way it turned out. You can peek at more pictures HERE if you'd like!


It's a very soggy day here in northern Virginia. I've got my Life Is Good ball cap on, though, and I'm getting ready to do a little thrifting while my daughter is at school. What do you have going on this fine Monday?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bluebird of Happiness...

...just flew in to say, CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA of aandboriginals!! You are the lucky winner from yesterday's "guess the rug weight" contest!! I will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your custom bowl.
Not only did Angela win, she guessed the weight right on the money: 25 pounds!! I could not believe my eyes when the scale said 25 pounds even. I turned her on her side and weighed again, I flipped her over and weighed again. 25 pounds. All packed up in her box, she was 27 pounds exactly. Parcel post, insured, to Missouri came out to be about $30.
Thank you so much to everyone who played along with me. I appreciate all of your comments more than you know! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Makeover Monday :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Help! I Left a Piece of Myself at the PO

Meet Queen Kali- the giant bundle of joy! She was born a few days before Easter. I wrapped her up, and sent her off into the world yesterday. On one hand, I was anxious to see her get on her way. On the other hand, no amount of packing tape and insurance made me feel better about leaving her in someone else's hands. Oh Lordy- is this a teeny taste of what it will be like when my baby girl leaves home?
To ease my anxiety as she makes her 2-9 day journey to Missouri, I thought you might like to have a little fun with me! I would love to make an upcycled bowl in someone's favorite color, and that someone could be you!

All you have to do is leave a comment here with your guess as to the weight of the bundle pictured. Don't forget, she is a 7 foot diameter round rag rug crocheted from upcycled bedsheets.
The person who comes closest to the weight (in pounds and ounces, please) without going over, is the winner! In the case of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random. Don't forget to leave your contact info and favorite color in your comment, OK?
Let's have some fun- guess away!! Want to ask a question before guessing? Go right ahead! "Contest" ends at noon on Sunday 4/19.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday's Favorite: Remnants Jewelry

It is ALL in the dainty details at Remnants Jewelry. One glorious peek into this shop makes you want to grab your cuppa, pull up your oh so overstuffed slipcovered chair, wrap yourself in your most vintage and soft chenille spread and just revel in the feminine beauty contained therein.
Samantha, the artist and shopowner, creates "one of a kind wearable art. Designed, carefully thought out and hand crafted from all different types of remnants." She currently features wrist cuffs and rings, and believe me, each one is even more lovely than the next!
Choosing a favorite is impossible, and don't these photos do an excellent job of showcasing the gorgeous details of these items? From the chosen bits of embroidery pieced from antique linens, to the delicate lacework and minute beads and bits of sparkle, the eye is treated to a spectacular feast with every shot.

I feel exceedingly more beautiful and feminine just having spent time in this shop! Samantha's goal is "to create items which are lovely to look at and a joy to wear", and I can tell by reading the descriptions and looking at the photos that she is very serious about this intention.

The items showcased here are just a tiny tidbit of what this amazing shop has to offer. Please treat yourself to a visit to Remnants Jewelry when you have a moment to swoon and dream a little. I dare you to try to choose just one favorite! Please come back and post a comment here after you have poked around; I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Fiesta Time!

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and I am so excited to introduce my guacamole bowl for the occasion! I have had this idea burning a hole in my brain for weeks, and over Easter vacation I finally had the time to make it happen. Can't you see this brimming with tortilla chips next to a big bowl of guacamole on the party food table?



The best part? It has my favorite guacamole recipe right in the fabric colors; avocados, tomatoes, red onion, salt & pepper, and lime juice- perfecto!! This one of a kind basket will be listed in my shop soon, soon, soon. Are you ready to get your fiesta on?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bucket List

Nope, I'm not referring to that list of things that I want to do before I kick the bucket. We can do that another time, OK? For now I need some help with a list of uses for this upcycled bucket!

I crocheted this rainbow vessel on our trip back to Virginia from Massachusetts. It is made out of an entire used and freshly laundered, tie dyed, cotton jersey knit sheet. It measures 8" wide and 8" tall, and is sturdy yet super soft. It holds it shape, but is flexible and can stretch if necessary.

Say someone gave this to you as a gift...what would you use it for in your home? I'm hoping to gather LOTS of different ideas to include in the description when I list this item in my shop one day soon. Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Challenge Is On

At long last, the Etsyfriends Team Earth Day Challenge is here! Simply click on the icon above to get the details of the contest, and to see all of the amazing entries. Vote for your favorite (cough ,*Love Your Mother Rag Rug*, cough) by leaving a comment at the end of the post. Not sure how to leave a comment? Click on the word "comment" at the end of the post, and you will get a pop up screen with instructions. Let me know if you have any trouble. There are LOTS of prizes to be had, and fun shops to visit, so please- get out the vote!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best Easter Wishes

How cute is this sweet little thrifted tin? The bunny is so serious about his violin playing, and that perfect shade of robin's egg blue could not be passed up!
I'll be away for a few days, celebrating Easter "Massachusetts style" with a rousing red-nosed egg hunt in the snow or mud. Please come back to visit next week!
Where and how will you spend your Easter Sunday?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{{{grow}}} and more

I don't snag treasuries as often as I'd like, so when I do, I feel an overwhelming urgency to include all of the people who are kind enough to include me in theirs from time to time. There are just never enough spaces, so I know I need to double my efforts in this department! This is my latest treasury creation, though, and I do hope you will click on it and visit the shops of these talented artists. Don't forget to leave a comment there, too- people love to read those!

And, I am pleasantly overwhelmed at my good fortune today...thanks to, I see that I currently have items featured in several beautiful collections.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Makeover Monday: 4/6

I found this vintage pillowcase hanging alone and sad, ready for a new life and new purpose! Look how happy she is to be a bowl! I love the way the pink, aqua, and orange pop out of the golden mustard background. I'm still searching my brain for a name for this one...any ideas?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

We tried so very hard to get to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC today. We actually GOT to the festival and saw all of the beautiful trees in bloom around the tidal basin. Alas, it was a total zoo, and parking was impossible.
We ended up getting the heck out of there and going to a beautiful park along the Potomac River on the Virginia side. No traffic, no crowds, no trouble parking, and guess what? There were loads of cherry trees in bloom, so all was not lost!
These are photos of the gorgeous vintage barkcloth bag I bought at an artisan studio during my last trip to Florida. Those are cherry blossoms, right?
So, what did you do this weekend?
What's in bloom in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, April 4, 2009


As I sit here preparing to crochet the LAST round on my giant rug, I am already gathering fabrics for my next endeavor! I must be getting a touch of spring fever, because I'm envisioning a luscious, sunshine filled rug in the fabrics pictured.

According to poll results from a few months back, rag rugs are most popular in the kitchen and sunroom/ tell me, what shape would you consider? I love to make round and rectangular rugs, but I can stretch my wings and go for oval or half-moon as well. Please leave a comment and/or vote on the poll widget to the right.

Thank you in advance for your help! Happy weekend :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Favorite: BananaSaurus Rex

This feature comes with a warning! If you have a *thing* for vintage fabrics, cover your keyboard and prepare to drool!

The shop announcement captures it better than I ever could: "BananaSaurus Rex features astonishingly beautiful things for post-modern bohemian Mamas and retro-stylish Babies — made of amazing vintage, recycled and other rescued materials."

Rebecca Thoms Hanley, a "semi-retired graphic designer", has not only created beautiful and unique products to share with us...she has made shopping in an online shop feel like browsing through a cozy boutique. Her policies are clear, fair and professional, and her feedback is not only 100% positive, it is an absolute joy to read. Her customers clearly love her and her products; many of them keep coming back for more!

Rebecca's sense of humor is evident throughout B. Rex; this line from her policies cracks me up: "MY STUDIO: Is smoke free and pet free but riddled with children. Also, it's my dining room". Or this one from her flower power brooch listing: "Made of rescued power ties and scraps from the necktie factory, the Power Flower brooch is the perfect adornment to wear whilst coldly surveying your dominion and plotting to crush the rebellion. Or, to the market. Come on, Mama. Unleash your inner Gordon Gekko." As an aside, wouldn't this make a phenomenal boutonniere for the green-minded groom?

I spent a LOOOOOONG time in BananaSaurus Rex preparing for this post, and I loved every minute of flitting from one section to another, reading and smiling at the informative and witty descriptions, gazing longingly at the pictures...

B. Rex has 8 shop sections brimming with ultra special items like those pictured here - items that you would definitely be proud to own or give. From market totes to wine bags, baby bibs to brooches, lavender eye pillows to "remark cuffs" there is something for everyone (and every budget) in this treasure trove.
Carry, love, rest, restore, scent, wear (baby), wear (mama), and wrap are the section names, and you'll want to be sure to visit each and every one! I know you are anxious to do just that right now...go forth and enjoy! Don't forget, Mother's Day is right around the corner!
When you're done oohing, aahing, and shopping, come on back and post a comment about your experience! Did you make a purchase? Do share!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I found these little potholder/trivets on my treasure hunt this week, and they just make me smile! Can you believe they were marked at only 60 cents each? And that they were on sale for 30% off of the marked price? Bonanza! Macys has nothing on my neighborhood thrift!


And as a side note, please be sure to come back and visit tomorrow! I'll be starting a new feature, Friday's *Favorite*, where I will choose one shop out of my hundreds of Etsy favorites to showcase. Shops will be chosen based on unique and exceptional products, excellent pictures, clear/complete/correct/personable written communication, and spotless feedback. I have chosen a REALLY fabulous shop for tomorrow's feature, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And Lastly, The Rug Says...


I can't think of a better Earth Day message, and I am really proud of this creation!

This one of a kind 3 foot diameter round rug will be listed in my shop this weekend. It will be reserved for the team challenge event (details to come!), then, much to my hubby's dismay, it will be for sale!
What are you proud of this wonderful Wednesday?