Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Favorite: BananaSaurus Rex

This feature comes with a warning! If you have a *thing* for vintage fabrics, cover your keyboard and prepare to drool!

The shop announcement captures it better than I ever could: "BananaSaurus Rex features astonishingly beautiful things for post-modern bohemian Mamas and retro-stylish Babies — made of amazing vintage, recycled and other rescued materials."

Rebecca Thoms Hanley, a "semi-retired graphic designer", has not only created beautiful and unique products to share with us...she has made shopping in an online shop feel like browsing through a cozy boutique. Her policies are clear, fair and professional, and her feedback is not only 100% positive, it is an absolute joy to read. Her customers clearly love her and her products; many of them keep coming back for more!

Rebecca's sense of humor is evident throughout B. Rex; this line from her policies cracks me up: "MY STUDIO: Is smoke free and pet free but riddled with children. Also, it's my dining room". Or this one from her flower power brooch listing: "Made of rescued power ties and scraps from the necktie factory, the Power Flower brooch is the perfect adornment to wear whilst coldly surveying your dominion and plotting to crush the rebellion. Or, to the market. Come on, Mama. Unleash your inner Gordon Gekko." As an aside, wouldn't this make a phenomenal boutonniere for the green-minded groom?

I spent a LOOOOOONG time in BananaSaurus Rex preparing for this post, and I loved every minute of flitting from one section to another, reading and smiling at the informative and witty descriptions, gazing longingly at the pictures...

B. Rex has 8 shop sections brimming with ultra special items like those pictured here - items that you would definitely be proud to own or give. From market totes to wine bags, baby bibs to brooches, lavender eye pillows to "remark cuffs" there is something for everyone (and every budget) in this treasure trove.
Carry, love, rest, restore, scent, wear (baby), wear (mama), and wrap are the section names, and you'll want to be sure to visit each and every one! I know you are anxious to do just that right now...go forth and enjoy! Don't forget, Mother's Day is right around the corner!
When you're done oohing, aahing, and shopping, come on back and post a comment about your experience! Did you make a purchase? Do share!


CelticKnot said...

Gorgeous fabrics, wonderful creations, witty names and descriptions, awesome feature! Thanks for sharing, Jennie!

Sarah Jane said...

That is quite the shop! Lovely photos and descriptions, and her products look great. :D

I love the idea of rescuing power ties, lol. What dull lives they must have had at all those board meetings.

Excellent feature, Jennie! :D

JuliaA said...

her stuff is so cute and cheerful!

Head Bitch in Charge said...

What a sweet shop! I especially like the wine wraps. Looks like a former table cloth :)

CheshireCatsGrin said...

This is unrelated to this post but I love your blog layout!

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

That necktie brooch is cute! Haven't seen one like that before! Would be great for a handmade wedding!