Saturday, April 4, 2009


As I sit here preparing to crochet the LAST round on my giant rug, I am already gathering fabrics for my next endeavor! I must be getting a touch of spring fever, because I'm envisioning a luscious, sunshine filled rug in the fabrics pictured.

According to poll results from a few months back, rag rugs are most popular in the kitchen and sunroom/ tell me, what shape would you consider? I love to make round and rectangular rugs, but I can stretch my wings and go for oval or half-moon as well. Please leave a comment and/or vote on the poll widget to the right.

Thank you in advance for your help! Happy weekend :)


aandboriginals said...

Jennie... I am not normally a yellow person, but those look delightful together. I have a question for you..... where on earth do you keep all of your fabrics???

I know where I keep all of my yarn, LOL :)

Jennie said...

Angela- I keep my fabrics in those GIANT ziploc know the XXXXXL ones? I currently have 6 of them loaded to the gills. After every large project, I go back and rearrange them. And each time, I rediscover fabrics that I had tucked away!

JuliaA said...

my family used to have a half-moon rag rug in front of the sink in the kitchen. it's a perfect shape for that.

and it really does look like you have spring fever! great fabrics.

Sarah Jane said...

Omigosh, those are gorgeous fabrics!!! :D

I voted for oval and half moon. :)