Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Finds

Finally...a moment of peace! I have been so excited to share some of my thrifted treasures from this week with you. So, without further ado, here we go!
A baker's dozen of these GORGEOUS antique porcelain knobs in superb condition: $10 (Funny aside, the tag on these said "antic noobs"...boy does that make me giggle!!!)

Set of vintage jadite tupperware reamers: 25 cents

Vintage embroidered pink satin hanky holder: $1.40

Love, love, love these sheets!! I found 2 sets of these in fabulous condition: $4.90 each.
I'm dreaming of a rug in these colors, mmmmm.


Thank you so much to all who voted in the Etsyfriends Team Earth Day Challenge- my rug came in first place!! All of the entries were wonderful, so I am very honored!!

What's on tap for your weekend? Been thrifting lately? Do tell!!


CelticKnot said...

Hey Sweet Jennie!

I'm tickled by your post. Antic noobs, tupperware reamers, and hanky holders. hehe!

Those sheets are really pretty, and I can't wait to see the Makeover Monday from them.

Off to look up tupperware reamers.....

Jennie said...

lol, Kristine! I *think* they are for eating grapefruit. I don't even eat grapefruit- I just love the color!!

aandboriginals said...

Awesome finds Jennie... and

Congrats on your rug coming in first place...

Anonymous said...

Fabulous the "noobs" and what is a tupperware reamer?

Cottage In The Sun said...

Wow! I want to go thrifting with you! Fab finds!