Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freshly Picked Fabrics

At the risk of making you drool all over your keyboard, I thought I would post photos of my lucky finds from last night!
Have I gone on and on yet about my favorite thrift store ever? The one that is 10 minutes away and as large as a department store? The one where everything is bright, and the staff is super friendly and hard-working, and the inventory is always fresh, clean, and awesome?
The one where everything in the store is 30-50% off on Mondays,
that has a sheet and pillowcase section 4 aisles long?
I'd better stop there... I'm sure your heart is beating dangerously fast.

As much as I love to find special vintage fabrics like these, it always makes me a teeny bit sad too. I imagine that someone's parent or grandparent has passed away, and they have cleaned out the house and sorted the possessions. Why oh why wouldn't they keep these sheets?
*sigh* I guess not everyone appreciates their beauty.
Do you have a favorite local secondhand shop? Do you have an idea for what you'd like to see me make with these? Post a comment- you know I love to hear from you :)


Anonymous said...

Jennie, you're just like me about finding vintage items... I always think about what story they have, where they came from. That's what makes them so special and worth creating something new and vibrant with them!

Oh, and you were right.. I did drool on my keyboard. Your posts should come with a warning label! LOL - Great stuff!

Hugs ~ Claudia

CelticKnot said...

Jen, that thrift stores sounds so amazing, and you found some gorgeous treasures. :-)

Sarah Jane said...

Those are gorgeous fabrics! :)

As for what to do with them... I think those colours would do well as a tote of some kind, maybe for groceries (what better way to be ecofriendly than with an upcycled grocery tote?) or library books. :)


aandboriginals said...

Beautiful sheets!!!

and if I had to suggest something you can make with them, I would personally and selfishly love to have a bowl made from the green and white one!!!!!


Jennie said...

Thanks so much for the comments, everyone!

Sarah- I have actually made a tote/purse out of a pretty blue fabric- just haven't listed it yet. Better get on that!

Angela- hehe...I'll hold off on cutting into the green one at all until you decide on the item you were telling me about...maybe you'd like it in that?

Jessica C. said...

Just be happy that they donated them to the thrift shop instead of just trashing them. That way, you were able to find them and bring them to light for everyone else to appreciate. Those are some very beautiful fabrics. :o)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

You are one lucky lady! I have to drive about 38 miles ONE WAY to my closest nice thrift store. The next one is even farther, probably about 50 miles away. But I go anyway!! I guess it just gets in your blood somehow! Great finds!!!