Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday's Works

I'm all caught up with orders in both shops at the moment, so I've had a little *just for fun* crochet time.  I started this set with the pink bowl, and was then struck with the notion of a Neapolitan ice cream theme.

I made this blue and white bowl last night.  It's slightly larger than my pillowcase "ball bowls" and would hold pencils or tallish craft supplies nicely.
I've been able to get some new fabrics and towels in sosovintage, but now it's time to get some of these new goodies listed in sosorosey.  For some reason I haven't felt up to that task, but it will feel good when the shelves are dusted and fluffed :)
Be sure to come back tomorrow.  {I know, two days in a row is a shocker!}  I'll be sharing one of my favorite "anthem songs" dedicated to my new friend Regina.  I'd love to hear one of yours if you have one!


ma said...

Your bowls = my favorite ice cream flavor!!

I have two, well, three songs by Wynonna Judd, one by Dolly Parton, and the other is by Crystal Gayle....can't remember the name of any of them just now so I'll have to tune back in when I think of them!! I know I used to sing them all the time at various stages of my love life's ups and downs....maybe one of your friends will save me the brain drain!!

Ribbons Undone said...

Ooooh--I don't know which is prettier--the ice cream inspired bowls or that beautiful blue/white combo. Love love these projects. So elegant looking as usual, Jennie.

ma said...

I got two of them and on second thought, the third is not worth remembering! Wynonna Judd - My Strongest Weakness and Dolly Parton - I Hope You're Never Happy! :) One gives perspective and the other provides an "Amen" moment!

Donna xx said...

LOVE the neapoliton theme my sweet!
These are such little beauts :)

Glad you've had a dust down of your store and have listed some bits.