Monday, July 8, 2013

Makeover Monday: 7/8

Whew!  It's high time for a makeover, isn't it!?  It's been a looooong many days of decluttering and packing in the old house and preparing the new one.  I won't be fully out of house #1 until the 15th, and that's if all goes smoothly.  And it will, right?  For this week I am blessed to be based primarily at house #2, and it has been so amazing to see the hard work and effort my parents have made while I've been packing house #1.
Dad power washed the garage floor last week, and was disappointed with the results.  The stains of *vehicles past* refused to budge.  In true Mr. Awesome Superhero fashion, he went out and purchased a couple of gallons of epoxy paint- in a "fun" color (thanks, Mom!) .

And, he transformed a creepy, icky space into a happy car/storage zone in a few labor intensive hours.  Sometimes love looks like a green garage floor, my friends!


Ribbons Undone said...

Yay for Dad! My dad is my superhero too. I am jealous of your pristine garage floor. Glad to know you're up north with us.

shari said...

I will take that lovely green garage any day....I don't even "have" a garage! Your dad did a great job!
xx Shari

Donna xxooxx said...

Oh bless your parents for being awesome my lovely!

Love your green floor!

So good to have you on here my sweet, I miss your positive attitude and cheery blogposts my lovely. They so often make my day.

Take care my sweet.

mom said...

Your garage looks fabulous!! I am "green" with envy!! :) Just joking about the envy part...your garage really does looks great! I can't wait to see if "my guy" would be willing to do our garage next...a pretty royal blue maybe?? or sea green?....another fun color...soon as he gets done at your place, I'm going to ask him!!! :)

gillyflower said...

What a great Dad! How comforting to have your parents to help out.
Good luck with all the upheaval, hope it all goes well - lovely photos of Sophie in your last post too.
Gill xx