Monday, October 7, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Craft Challenge Results!

Including myself, we had four people able to complete projects for this fall's challenge.  I am, as always, blown away by the many talents of my friends and family.  Without further ado, in the order in which they were received, here are the completed projects!
Karen of Busy Beading, Runs With Scissors 4, and Vintage Station on etsy outdid herself with not 1, not 2, but 3 projects using just about every Pantone Fall 2013 color!
I love the way she used the color chart to organize her crystals!

Whoa!  Tribal geometric gorgeousness!

Again the chart for the needle felted orbs...

And another beautiful bracelet is born!

Another needle felting project that's perfect for fall...acorns!

(pottery bowl and leaf by Carol Broadley Pottery)
Who needs to go out and buy pumpkins when you can just display your favorite Pantone projects for autumn décor!?
Next up we have Kathryn from Virginia- my across the street neighbor from high school and special facebook friend.  Kathryn can sew the pants off of some fabric (hehe), and she whipped up this amazing bag in all of the Pantone colors.  I know the pictures don't do it justice, because I took them.  And I took them because this bag is in my possession.  Can you believe it????  A gift for me!!!  I LOVE it so :)
The color blocks wrap around the whole bag.

From this closeup you can see the different textures of the fabrics used- I love that detail!
OOOOOOH!  Peek inside!  Yes, that is one of my favorite vintage sheet patterns.

And so many pockets.  I heart pockets.  Heart heart heart!
My Aunt Irene in Michigan is one of the fastest and most talented crocheters I know.  The woman can whip up anything in no time at all.  Just like her mom!  These are just a few of the items she made last month.
A sweet cotton hat in koi.

A triple layered hotpad in bright linden.

And a cabled scarf in a plummy acai.  The talent, I tell you!
And bringing up the rear with one measly little project is me.  I'm happy with the idea for this headband/ear warmer- it's the same stitch I use in my cotton rugs.  It's thick enough to actually keep the ears warm, which was the goal.  I used an alpaca/acrylic blend that is so very soft, and the main yarn itself is a blend of the blues and greens in the Pantone 2013 fall palette.  I tossed in the round of gray (turbulence) to help set the flower apart form the band.  Gotta give my little model props- the day she posed for pics was over 80 degrees!
Look closely and you'll see emerald, Mykonos blue, and a touch of acai.

Yup, it covers the ears and holds the hair away from the face!

Looking pretty, and the wrap is convenient, too.  It folds up to almost nothing and could easily be tossed in a purse for a pumpkin patch adventure.
So that's all for this challenge, folks.  Loads of creativity and beautiful items that will keep us all very fashionable this season.  Many thanks again to Karen, Kathryn and Aunt Irene for participating!!!!


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Ribbons Undone said...

Wow--they are all such beautiful projects!!! Well done, everyone. This post was so well-written; I truly enjoyed reading and scrolling thru the fabulous pix. Fun idea, Jennie!