Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me

One of the biggest things I have been obsessing about with regard to the upcoming craft fair is how to display my upcycled stars. I know, maybe I should be worrying about other things, but this is the thing that's been keeping me awake at night.
Finally, the other day when I was studying my chippy green ladder to figure out how I could rig it, I spied the little metal bar that runs underneath each step. Eureka!!! Now my husband thinks we should have a ladder this year instead of a Christmas tree, lol.
Do you have any special craft show tips to share? Please leave a comment!


Lenore said...

What a terrific way to display your wonderful Christmas stars!
Have a great show.

Gwynie said...

aww twinkle twinkle! so pretty!

emily said...

Here's a pretty good article to read before your first craft show:

Good luck!

Adrienne Berry said...

It was so great meeting you last night, I love your shop and blog! Your booth looked great!

demandablog said...

Your little stars are so cute. :)