Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ready to Roll

I put the finishing touches on the big rug last night!

You can see how large she is in this photo:
those are my big old size 9 pink crocs.

Here she is all wrapped and ready to roll on down to Florida. I hope she brings many, many smiles and rays of sunshine to her new home!


Care to guess how much the happy bundle weighs?


aandboriginals said...

I'll take a guess.... 5 lbs.

Gorgeous job !!

CelticKnot said...

Wonderful! Such a happy, bright, beautiful, perfect bundle. :-)

As for weight, I have no clue! 12 pounds?

Lenore said...

Beautiful piece, Jennie.
I'll guess 8 lbs.

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

That is stunning! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! :)

I'll guess 10 lbs., but I'm no good at guessing stuff.

Sierra Pelona Crochet

Jennie said...

Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words! Good guesses, but you are all too low...she is 17 pounds!! I made this one extra cushy :)

Evelyn said...

before I saw your comment below, my guess was 15 lbs. pretty close...beautiful work btw.

IRENE said...

Oh my Gosh, I love these rugs! My um and grandma used to make them, but Inever learned how to :-(
Beautiful, well done.