Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Far, Sooooooooo Good

I am currently on vacation in BEAUTIFUL southeastern Utah. Moab to be exact. I came out here for the first time in 1992 to care for a friend who'd just had surgery, and I've been back just about every year since. My parents joined the party, mmm, 13 years ago? My hubby has been vacationing with us for 9 years, and my Sophie has been here 3 times in her almost 5 years of life!
Now that we have a little one, the 4 hour flight and then 4 hour drive from Salt Lake is a bit much. So, we stay in Provo for the first night. This works out fabulously because once we check in, we are minutes from beautiful Bridal Veil Falls in the Uinta mountains.
~*~There is a wonderful park with walking trails that lead under the falls. Great for getting out all of that pent up "on the plane" energy.
The Falls are minutes away from Sundance resort (you know, the Robert Redford, film festival Sundance). Daddy and Sophie posed for a photo on the chair lift. Though we could see snow on the highest peaks, the ski season has not yet started.
The first day we arrived in Moab, we unpacked and headed straight to Potash Road by the Colorado River to do some rockhounding. This is where we find some of the most beautiful river rocks imaginable, and the whole gang enjoys poking around and exploring.

After a stop at the dollar store for some tools, and at the grocery store for some picnic supplies, we headed out to Klondike Bluffs for more hiking, rock picking and digging. We found some beautiful agates and gizzard stones this time.

Now this girl knows how to tailgate!


Though a winter weather advisory was posted for Monday afternoon, we decided to head up into the LaSal mountains to one of our favorite places- dinosaur point. On the way we stopped at the Red Cliffs Lodge and Castle Creek Winery for a spectacular "lunch with a view" and a little wine tasting. The display teepees were a big draw for Sophie!


Have you noticed Buttons the bear in many of these photos? That's the class mascot! We are taking pictures to share with the junior K class when we get back to Virginia. So, that's all for now! Stay tuned for another trip installment in a day or so. I'm hoping to be able to show you snow on red rock.... that will be AMAZING!!!


Hooky~Harry said...

Jennie, it all looks wonderful! Your daughter is such a cutie :) I love the picture of her in you car boot.
I hope you're all having a fantastic time.
Thankyou for sharing your trip.
Take care,
Love Donna x

Schar Freeman said...

Sophie and buttons look like they are having a real good time with all the travel and rock hounding around in Utah.

I would love to see some of those agates you are gathering up and what on earth are Gizzard stones?

Happy trails to you all as your adventure continues and thank you so much for sharing. Gives me the feeling of being on vaca with you all:)♥

CelticKnot said...

What fun! You so deserve this fantastic vacation. Have fun!

Ribbons Undone said...

Good for you! I enjoyed your pictures. Curious, did you bring a crochet hook along?

Clara said...

Such great photos and what a beautiful family you have! Your daughter is sweet. The tent in one of the photos is unreal! Have fun!

Jennie said...

Are you kidding, Victoria?! Of course!! I brought the basic yarn colors for the most popular stars/hearts- trying to keep up with orders so I'm not totally swamped when I get back. I even made a few new things to add to the shop- hopefully by the end of Nov. No vacation is complete without some quality hookin' time, right??