Sunday, June 12, 2011

Makeover Sunday

Hope that posting the makeover on Sunday instead of Monday doesn't throw anyone for a loop!  I have a custom order to share, and I don't want my customer to have to wait one more day because of my blog schedule :)
My customer fell in love with the top fabric that she saw as a bowl in sosorosey.  She wanted coasters, though.  I happened to have one pillowcase of that fabric left, but that was only enough for 2 coasters.  I put together 4 photos of the top fabric with other coordinating choices, and this was the one she picked.
And here are the upcycled coasters all crocheted and ready to go protect surfaces in their new home! 
I tried a couple of new things with these coasters to make them more user friendly than ones I've made in the past.  I cut the fabric a bit thinner and used a smaller hook, and I put a fancy ridge around the edge.  This will help keep glasses more stable and inclined to stay where they belong.
So, no makeover tomorrow.  BUT, I do have a new rag rug to share.  And later in the week I have a Price is Right game lined up, too.  Be sure to come on back and play!!


CelticKnot said...

These are really pretty. I adore the color combination.

I'm so glad you're posting a rag rug soon. I really love your rag rugs, and I actually searched your blog the other day to find the earth one again. :-)

I'm looking forward to The Price is Right!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

These look fantastic, and I do like those colours!
That ridge is an excellent idea too!

I do like your guessing games Jennie :o)
They make me laugh ;o)

Have a fan-dabby week my lovely xxOOxx