Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Price Is Right: Game 9

Come join the fun! The more, the merrier!
The Game: I show you my thrift haul from one recent outing. You leave a comment with your best guess as to how much I paid. This does include VA sales tax. The person who comes closest WITHOUT going over wins.
The Rules: One clear and definitive guess per person- no amending your answer. Please do not choose the same answer as a person who came before you- read the comments prior to leaving your guess. Game runs through Friday, June 17th, 5pm EST and is open to US and international players.  The receipt and winner will be posted here: please be sure I know how to get in touch with you either through blog, website or email. Play nice and have fun!!
The Prize: The satisfaction of winning, AND $5 in "soso bucks" that can be applied toward any purchase in either of my shops. Can be saved and spent at a later time, up to one year. Can be combined with other wins or offers. Not redeemable for cash. Non-transferable.
The Stuff: This week the loot comes from The Salvation Army, non-sale day.  Prices have been getting higher here every week for vintage items of probable value.  Linens and smaller "knick knack" prices have stayed the same.

So, without further ado, let's see the bounty!
 A vintage pillowcase, and an old zippered cotton ticking case
 This guy is so precious- nice and heavy, and fairly large for not being a planter
 A brass sailboat paperweight, and a brass turtle ashtray
 A Fuller brush in its fruit covered laquerware case
 4 gorgeous cinnamon colored, bird-themed laquerware dishes
 A 1976 "Ed Dick" cobalt blue glass bottle
 Set of 3 cobalt swiss dot and lace juice glasses

Unmarked milkglass mixing bowl... still working on trying to identify the starburst/checkerboard pattern!
There you have it.  A glimpse into my completely random thrift experience.  I can't wait to see how many guesses we have, and who ends up being the closest.  BTW, I would absolutely love for someone else to link up and sponsor a game like this (as long as I get to play!).  I love to see what other people find purchase-worthy, and what the prices are in other shops and other parts of the country.  If you are a thrifter and decide to try this on your blog as well, please let me know!
If you have any trouble at all leaving a comment, don't hesitate to give me your guess by email or convo- I will add it for you.  Let's get this party started!!!


liz said...

Oooh, fun! My guess is $30

CelticKnot said...

I love the cobalt bottle. :-)

My guess is $24.51.

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

LOL :o)
OOOoooo, I do like this game :o)
O.k. here goes...
My guess is $44.00

Fingers crossed xx

Hope your having a fabby week my lovely. xxOOxx

Laurie said...

I think at this point someone say "1 dollar" :) but I am going to guess 33.99

Minx's Den said...

my guess is $35.15 with tax! great finds jennie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a very unsavy thrift shopper, I can only venture a guess as to the price you paid for all of your goodies. Without further ado I will say that I believe your grand total to be...ta da....$29.93! WINNER????? :)

g'burg said...

Somehow I hit Anonymous instead of Name/URL so, instead of Anonymous, I'm g'burg!!

Mary Lou said...

Just found your fun blog on Kelly's (Kydel) blog.My guess is $41.68. Looking forward to blogging with you.

Ribbons Undone said...

I'm in! $28.50