Monday, November 14, 2011

Makeover Monday: 11/14

A good while back, my sweet friend Donna kindly asked if I would be making a new ornament design for Christmas 2011.  I took her words to heart, and have been playing around with different ideas in my spare time.  Finally, after much trial and error- and some pretty funny looking prototypes - I hit on exactly what I wanted.  Made from jute twine, black embroidery thread, and bright red cotton hemp....
... he has arrived.  Rudolph at Rest.  He's worked hard helping Santa deliver all of those gifts, and he's ready to take a nice long nap on your tree branch.  A big thank you to my hand model for all of her help with the photos :)
Ooh, it's going to be a busy, busy week over here!  I have my exciting mammogram scheduled for today, and a day at my collaborating *job* scheduled on Thursday.  Friday is going to be insane with picture retakes for Sophie, volunteering at the school, the Thanksgiving Feast, and making final preparations for the bowling birthday on Saturday.  Whew~  I think I'll go take a nap with Rudolph right now!!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

WOW Jennie!! He is fabulous!! I love him and look at his little red nose. What a sweetie :o)

Hope today went well Jennie, and lots of luck for Thursday too..

Have a great week Jennie :o)


Linda B said...

Rudolph is great!

Minx's Den said...

that is the coolest! i love rudolph!

Mom said...

Well, I can't believe you have any spare time!! With all you do you still found time to create a "new tree sweetie"!! He is adorable and I'm sure you'll look as sweet as he perched up on that tree taking a wee nap!! :) Good Luck with all your business this week! A big kiss to both my girls!!

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh how clever, Jennie!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

YAY!! It worked :o)