Monday, February 4, 2013

Makeover Monday: 2/4

After posting the photo of Sinatra in his party hat on facebook the other day, I had a couple of my cat loving friends take me up on my free cat hat for pictures offer.  I have already made a rainbow party hat for Kookie, Sinatra's Hawaiian "cousin".  He will wear it for his birthday celebration next month!
The next request came from Emily, pet mom to a little girl kitty named Ezra.  Ezra's head measures just 2.25" between her ears, and Emily was hoping to have a fez made for her.  I do love a challenge!  I googled "fez" to be sure I had the right idea in mind, then got out my red yarn, black embroidery thread, hook and tape measure.
Tah dah!  Here is the mini fez being modelled by one of Sophie's stuffed cats.  I cannot WAIT to see it atop Ezra's little noggin.  Thanks so much for the fun request, Emily :)


Runs With Scissors said...

OMG, the Fez is a howl! The party hat is awesome as well. Do I see a new shop? SoSoPets? Hats, boots, scarves for animals! Great job on both and I can't wait to see them being modeled!

Cerise said...

I don't know if you watch Dr. Who, but this is PERFECT for any fan. Really, I think you need to offer these for sale in your shop.

Jennie said...

Bite your tongue, Karen! No more new shops for me, but I can see adding a few new crochet goodies to sosorosey :)

Cerise- I don't know about the Dr. Who reference, but I appreciate you telling me. I will wait to have pics of the fez on Ezra, and then I just might take your advice :)

emily said...

Thank you so much! This is awesome! We call her Fezra when she is wearing her fez - which I'll admit, she hates. We had a plastic one we bought from some novelty store a while ago, but have since lost it. She needs a new one for appearances in Panther Scouts!

Donna said...

This is awesome! It cracked me up!

I do hope we get to see a pic of Ezra wearing it! :)

You are a crocheting wonder Jennie!!

Love ya sweetie.

Ribbons Undone said...

So funny!!!

Anonymous said... hats!! What next...doggy hats...scarves??!! I hope you plan to charge a bundle because those little goodies are very time consuming; albeit cute, they take patience, skill, and valuable time to craft! Good Luck with your new "baby" offshoots!!