Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Treasure

A big thank you to Coleen, who took the time to send photos of her stair treads in place... in the middle of her move to the new home no less.  They look fabulous with those white steps and the gray and yellow walls, don't they?!
And another treasure too exciting to keep to myself.  When I let the cat out yesterday afternoon, I looked down by the pool and this caught my eye.  What the??  My mind took it all in, but it was hard to believe a fox was just curled up and snoozing in the sunshine right in plain view.
He or she was actually quite lost in dreamland, because I went in and out of the sliding door a couple of times and that didn't even cause a stir.  Finally after I took a couple of photos of the sleeping creature, I made a "psst" sound and it finally looked up at me.  I expected it to be like, "Uh oh, gotta go", but it was more like, "Yes?  Can I help you?"
I couldn't get Sinatra back in the house at that point, and didn't want my little man to think he needed to defend his territory.  So, I made some more noise and clapped my hands and the lazy fox ambled off into the woods.  It's pretty exciting to stumble upon a wild creature in your own backyard!  Has that ever happened to you?


Cerise said...

Such a sweet little fox! We had a deer come into our yard once growing up. Still not sure where it came from as we weren't very close to any woods. It was pretty amazing.

gburgma said...

The stair runners look great...beautiful job on the color match-up!

Pic of the fox is awesome! He sure is a cute little thing! It came to mind though....could it be sick...aka rabid...just saying...please keep a keen eye out for kitty boy and the "princess"....

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

The stair treads look awesome!! Thankyou so much to Coleen for sharing, I was only thinking about these the other day!!

Your Mr Fox is a cutie!! At our old house, we had three foxes that used to come in the back garden whenever it was sunny, and lay on a patch of leaves in the sun. One of them (The Dad we think) used to eat out of my hand in the end...Such beautiful creatures.
I have some pics on our old computer that I'll show you when we get them taken off :)

Happy Thursday our Jennie.

Ribbons Undone said...

We had a couple of deer on our front lawn a few years back. Real early in the morning--still kinda dark out. And several months back a deer just walked on down the street! The nearest woods is about a mile away--I think they were on their way back home! So odd to see this wildlife right in the middle of a typical suburban street!