Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday's Works

I had a little lull in orders, so I finished my pretty robin's egg rug.  She is SO soft, and a great size- measuring in at 42" long and 28" wide.  Keep or sell, keep or sell?

I've also been putting these pretty fabrics together for their debut in sosovintage.  Their pretty spring colors and flowers soothe the soul.
How about you?  Any works in progress to share?


urmirock said...

Well, I have nothing so glamorous as your rug to share and nothing as exciting as your pretty fabrics to share and no work in progress to share....but....I do have a finished product that I will share and factually, am already sharing with folks from all over the world! She is something I am very proud of and is a thing of beauty from the inside out....she makes me happy every day, I thrill at her gumption and marvel at her talents; however, most of all I love the person she has very own sosorosey, my own little gal, my Jennie! Love you honey!

Donna said...

What an absolutely awesome comment urmirock!!!

Love your robine gg rug....very, very nice for a nice new house warming gift for someone :)

Love those beautiful sunny fabrics too :)


Ribbons Undone said...

Lovely color rug and such pretty fabrics! Keep cranking out the goods, Jennie. So necessary and good for you.