Friday, September 6, 2013


Goodness me, where DOES the time go?!  I was fortunate to have several orders to send out this week, as well as Back-to-School night for Sophie's new school.  I have also been trying to get a handle on the paperwork involved in volunteering at the school- it's a veritable mountain, I tell you. 
Today I needed a little break, so I decided to do something about our lackluster front porch.  Now we're all *mummified*, and it's beginning to look like fall around here.  We have some cool weekend plans, and if everything pans out I'll post some photos of the fun.  Until then, savor these beautiful weather days!


Ribbons Undone said...

Gorgeous today. Sunny, cool, and dry-- my favorite weather.

Overwhelmed by my new position. Students begin on Monday, and I am sooooo nervous, Jennie! It's just three hours each morning, but I'm so good at making things much more difficult than they truly are!

Jennie said...

Victoria, you are going to be everyone's favorite teacher and colleague!! Once you get through the first few days and find your groove, you'll be all set. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow :)

Retro Wren said...

Love your mummifying sweet lady!

Our weather has turned here, but we were so lucky to have such a beautiful long summer. Maybe it's not even over yet, who knows?

I'm trying very hard to get my etsy hat back on...

Hope your plans have panned out my lovely, and you've had a great weekend?