Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's Treat

My child is an imp. 
Yesterday she earned a trip to the prize box in class.  What did she choose?  Oh, the wind up, lifelike scuttling cockroach, of course.  The one designed to give her mother a heart attack.  That one. 
Her set up was pretty good, I'll give her that.  We have been having problems with stink bugs coming in because of her little window ac unit.  So, when she came home and went upstairs and then yelled for me to "Come up!  Hurry!  There's a big huge bug on my floor", I thought, "damned stinkbugs!" 
What I saw when I raced up the stairs to save the day was a gigantic brown freak show running toward me.  I was fooled, for an instant.  My heart did beat faster until I realized there was no earthly way that thing could be real.  So I did what any great Mom would do.  I jumped and screamed like a lunatic, working the situation to give my child maximum glee.  She was laughing so hard she could barely choke out the words..."It's....not....real, ...Mom!!!"
Fast forward to tonight.  The above picture is what I saw when I glanced over to see the time during our nightly story ritual on my bed.  Apparently Sophie figured if I couldn't see the time I would read forever.  The neon post-its were not a subtle move, though not much about my daughter is.
The treat of living with a little one with a mischievous bent is that life is never, ever boring.  Exasperating and crazy making at times, but never, ever boring!


Ribbons Undone said...

A treat indeed! Great post, Jennie. Well done, Sophie!

CelticKnot said...

My heart melted when I read about story time! That is so darn sweet. <3

Cher said...

What a hoot! Great post. Good to see you tonight.