Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Fine Photographer

My sincere thanks goes out to Angela Griffith at for sharing these photos with me! These shots were recently taken of baby Titus in my organic boy snuggle set, and I am so thrilled to see my work in action. These were shared for my use here and in my Etsy shop, out of the goodness and generosity which abound in her heart. What a gifted photographer and a kind soul she is!


Melissa said...

Those photos are amazing!!!

aandboriginals said...

Your Snuggle Sacks look so warm and snuggly, and soft the babies must love being in them!!!!

Just gorgeous!

Times And Chimes said...

Both baby and organic snuggle set are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I think my ovaries just whimpered!!!

sosorosey fan! said...

"Titus And The Snuggle Sac"

There once was a baby named Titus who loved being snuggled and hugged

The answer was found
in a sweet little mound
of fiber wrapped round
his sweet little body and head

Together so perfect in every way his Snuggle Sac set made him so happy each and every day

Can't beat a picture of a boy and his hat and blankie...Beautiful!