Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creature Comforts

It's the little things that make me happy. Literally and figuratively! When I need a boost, I look no further than my sunroom. So many little treasures beckon from special nooks, you'd have to try really hard not to smile!

I found this little vintage rooster dish on a thrift outing this week. It is perched on top of an old Cherrystone Farms candy tin. The colors here make me want to make!!

This little vintage fairy bunny pin is one of my all time favorite possessions. She was a mere $1.50 at the local secondhand shop. Is she magical or what?

This is the back of a vintage deck of playing cards that I found new in their package at the Goodwill. I WILL do something with these one day. Any ideas?

These are my creature comforts; want to share yours? Please post a comment!


Sarah Jane said...

Very pretty! Your sunroom sounds like a lovely place to spend some time. :)

I can only think of two creature comforts at the moment. One being my creature- Arthur. :)

And the other being baked goods. Mmmmm......

ThePeachTree said...

My favorite is the vintage playing cards! You should definitely do something with them :) Hmm... I'll have to think what mine are. I have trinkets and doodads all throughout my apartment.. I must have favorites that always catch my eye!

Blossoms said...

Those are so cute :).