Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Halfway Celebration

Usually, I don't like to do anything halfway. But, today I am celebrating the halfway done-ness of *the rug*. She is 5 feet wide!! I have run out of good space with natural light in my home for pictures, so today I carried my babe to the church where my daughter attends preschool. She looked sooooooo beautiful in the entry way with the stained glass windows all around. See more pictures by clicking HERE.

In the spirit of whooping it up, I thought I would share some interesting "halfway" info with you!
For instance, did you know there was a city named Halfway, Oregon (pop. 337)? Or how about the Massachusetts chain restaurant The Halfway Cafe? Heard of The Halfway Lake Resort in Newberry, Michigan? Or, my personal favorite, Halfway Home...a series on Comedy Central which explores the exploits of 5 ex-cons in a halfway house?

Hey, guess what? It's Wednesday...we're halfway through the work week! Are you halfway there with any of your projects? Please leave a comment and share your state of mid~ness!


CelticKnot said...

Jennie, your rug is looking so good! The colors are so pretty. I wonder how heavy this baby is going to be when she's done.

I am halfway done with my last undergraduate semester. I'll be graduating in two months! I'm also halfway done with getting ready for the upcoming craft show.

aandboriginals said...

Beautiful Rug Jennie!!

I am about halfway through making Bunnies for my Bunny Sweaters!!

Feels good to see them all with faces,and most with fur!!


Sandy said...

Oh, so much work! It looks beautiful even if it isn't finished.

chloe said...

I am just going to say: WOW!!! but very loudly!
(it's beautiful, and well worth the effort!).

I'm halfway done eating this delicious bar of Dove milk chocolate.

Sygnet Creations said...

hehehehe, your so silly =) I love your half done rug and I am sure the full project will look spectacular!!

Runs With Scissors said...

Jen, that rug looks so awesome! I can't wait to see it done!! Um, how will you get photos? Aerial views? :o)

Sarah Jane said...

I'm halfway through lunch (which is kind of an afternoon snack because of how busy my day has been).

And I'm halfway done a new Kiwi jade ring for my shop (the last buyer wanted the stone in the picture, so now I have to make a new one to photograph).

The rug is looking awesome!!! :D

Kate Woods said...

It looks gorgeously fabulous. My kitchen is going to be sooooo happy when she is in place.

Just wondering, does "she" have a name??? Seems like she should...

Thanks, lovely lady, for making this rug for me. It is very, very, very beautiful!

Jennie said...

Kate- I couldn't agree more about the name! If you have thought of a special one, do let me know. I've been calling her Kali (short for Kaleidoscope)- it's what I think of every time I see her colors all blended and splayed. Kali is now the size of the queen sized bed upon which she rests. She is certainly the queen of the guest room, and the queen in my life right now. Hmmm- maybe her name should be Queen Kali!