Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Large Lidded Project Keeper Update

The 18" wide neutral project keeper is coming along nicely! This photo was taken at 17", but it is currently 18" wide and almost 2" tall. Using all neutral colors has forced me to really work hard to get different patterns in there to add interest; I'm enjoying the challenge!
Every time I work on one of these large items, I am struck by the different personalities that each one has. All of the quirks and traits are determined by the way the different fabrics meld together, the way the textures and colors complement one another, the way the stitches come easily or are more "sticky"...crocheting with fabric is ALWAYS an adventure!
Can you guess how many stitches are in one 18" round?


Melissa said...

Looks very pretty! I am sure there are a lot of stitches in there. :)
How large is it going to be?

Jennie said...

Thanks, Melissa! It will be 18" wide, 6" high- with a lid- when it is finished.

aandboriginals said...

Not sure how many stitches but I would guess over 500+ maybe even 1,000 per round.

Sure is a beauty, can't wait to see it completed on my table!!!!

Jennie said...

Now that it is at it's widest (18" in diameter), each row around is 120 stitches. It will take at least 12 rows of 120 stitches each in order to make it 6 inches high. Yep- a lot of stitches!!