Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Gamble Paid Off

One of my favorite thrift stores sells many, many items in randomly packaged plastic bags. You can't open the bag, mind you. You can just poke at it and try your best to see what's inside.
Most of these are full of kids *stuff*- beanie babies and Pez containers. Sometimes there will be a bag full of old tatted trims or 5 different cell phone chargers. I only glance at the bags if I have an exceptionally luxurious amount of time to spend, which is hardly ever.
The other day, however, a bag of shiny parts caught my eye. There was a single piece of paper, and lots and lots of acrylic daisies. It found its way into my cart like a magnet. I had no idea if the parts were all there, or even what the parts made. I guess I figured that for $2, my daughter would have fun playing with the pieces no matter what they made.
This morning I unloaded the bag, and we spent some quality mother daughter time at the kitchen table. We were both DELIGHTED at the result! This vintage daisy tree is so sweet! It is meant to be a centerpiece, and all of the branch rounds turn. You are supposed to fill each daisy with a little appetizer or petit four, or a fresh flower or Christmas ornament.
Sophie didn't even have to beg very hard for me to agree to keep this one for *us*. Sosovintage will have to do without this treat.


Cottage In The Sun said...

How sweet is that!!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

wow, that is a neat find! never heard of those bags o stuff at thrift shops, but we do have big bins, rows and rows of bins at one of the Goodwill stores here in Seattle where you can pretty much spend the whole day rummaging through bins of Junk (treasures). I call my daughter Sofi too, her name is Sofia, how cute!

PAMA said...

So glad you girls had such fun!! It's always more special when the fun just happens...and, thrown into the mix is a special daisy to always remind you of your lovely day! Happy that you girls kept your "find"!! :)

elenasworld said...

very cool!

Sarah Jane said...

Omigosh, that is the cutest thing EVER!!! :D What a neat idea someone had! I'm glad that you grabbed the bag, and that you decided to keep it for yourself. I would, too!