Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Party Favors!

I am so happy for these red flannel stars! They get to be the party favors at a New England holiday gathering in December. Didn't that hostess have a clever idea?


I have to do an extra "show off" of the tags I designed and made myself - out of this week's grocery bags. An extra bonus: I shop at Harris Teeter, and the bags are 100% recycled. So, I guess my tags are re-recycled. Is that a word? In any case, I love them, and I hope the guests do, too!
pssst: An extra thank you to Jessi at jessijewels.etsy.com for sending me the correctly fonted *sosorosey* for my tags!


househunter said...

I adore these "red flannel" party stars!! What a thoughtful hostess to be giving them away as party favors!!! They are so cute that I'd have a tough time sharing them..."get your own bag" would probably be my motto!!! :)
What a great idea with your tags! They're terrific! I think you could say that they are "upcycled, recycled, repurposed" personalized tags...in short, unique!!!

Lenore said...

Your red flannel stars are precious....I would have a difficult time giving them away...LOL.
Your tags are FAB!

CelticKnot said...

Beautiful stars and nice double-cycling!

Bridget said...

I love those stars

plushka said...

Great idea for re-recycling! They look really pretty:)

jessijewels said...

what?! i was recently in Staples in search of cardstock that looks like paper bag!!! ya know, for that rustic, recycled look? i just might have to snatch up this idea of yours. ;) great tags! and you are most welcome, silly girl. they look great! xo