Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeover Monday: 11/8

For this week's project, I started with a gorgeous, recently thrifted set of vintage Cannon Royal Family sheets.

And I came up with a new pattern for a half-moon rug! This one is super cushy and will last years and years. Fits perfectly in front of a sink or a door- it measures 34" across and is 15" at its widest point. Over half an inch thick, too!

I need to take a few more photos, but look for it in my shop this week. Price tag: $45. Once this sweetie has been snatched up, I'll offer a custom half-moon rug option- you pick the color!

Happy Monday, everyone :)


jessijewels said...

you had to know i'd love this!!! sooo pretty! someday i'm gonna have one of your rugs and put it in my future kitchen. ;) well done jennie. xo

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

That rug is stunning! From the original fabric I would not have thought the green would wind up being so prominent, but the effect is really lovely!

plushka said...

What a beautiful things you make! I love colour the rug too.

CelticKnot said...

*gasp!* I love this!

*copy Jessi's post and insert here* I know my future kitchen will have a Jennie-half-moon-rug in it. :-)

PA said...

Your "half moons" are great! From one who owns a rug from your artistically created gems, I know how well made and long lasting they are! They're practical, beautiful, springly benaeath your feet!! They put the oomph! in the room and the lala! on the floor! Can't wait to get myself settled into a new house...then watch out Jen....rugs, containers, baskets.....with your low prices, beautiful wrappings, and extra treats you throw in...geezzz, you mkae it a pleasure to spend money because one can't beat your product nor the value you offer!!