Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fabric Vote #3

Today you're voting for a fabric that will become a desk or office space accessory. Think about which one has the colors you'd want to see while creating, journaling, or *ugh* doing bills.
#1 cerulean blue jersey knit with butterflies and clouds
~*~#2 vintage geometric rust, chocolate, ecru, charcoal

#3 vintage citrus flower power
#4 victorian rose garden in sage, cream and mauve
I hope one of these strikes your fancy! Please leave a comment to vote for your fave by number. The winner will become Makeover Monday for next week. Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn more about my new "word project". Have a smiley, sunshiney day!
ps- If I ever feature a fabric here that you love and must have- just let me know! Whether you want it crocheted into something special, or want to purchase the fabric itself for your own project, I'll be happy to work with you.


aandboriginals said...

Number 1 for me... Love the blue in it !!

Tara said...

number three please - desks everywhere need vibrancy!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm...going to have to be #3 for me please Jennie, just gotta see how those colours come out! :)

E. Fernandez said...

I love the shabby chicness of #4!

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

#1, definitely! :)

CelticKnot said...

#1! I think the colors and placement will turn out wonderfully.

rctees said...

Most certainly #3. I need the cheery colors while I'm sitting at my desk!! Can't wait to see which one wins and the finished product!! ♥toni

Ma in PA said...

My vote is #4 for sure...it's beautiful! Whatever desk actvity I might be doing, seeing that fabric crocheted into some little bit of finery will surely brighten my day!

jessijewels said...

i pick #1. i think the sparatic pops of color will be great to look at. as much as i love #3, i think it might be distracting while writing out those yucky bills or doing homework. :)