Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Antler Story

Does anyone remember that song that goes "I was country... when country wasn't cool"?  Well, I was antler, when antler wasn't cool!  Truly, I have had a fixation with all things bone and carcass related for almost two decades.  It seems to have begun with my travels out west, and each find I make cements my obsession even more.  Fortunately for all involved, my finds of this sort are relatively few and far between.
I hit the jackpot on this last vacation, though.  Not only did I find a pile of bleached out cow bones (no head, bummer), I found this fantastic three pronged antler.  I'm guessing it's from a deer, but at only three years old, this is a pretty big half-rack.  Maybe an elk?
The best part of this antler find was that I spied it many yards away in a muddle of sage brush - from a moving vehicle!  My mind quickly registered "white bone thing" the same way it does that "pink pyrex" trick while thrift shopping.  I shouted for my dad to stop the car, ran over, and triumphantly held the prize over my head like a trophy.  My heart was beating fast, and I felt like a champion!  Still do, every time I look at it.  Hehe. 
So, um.  Does anyone else out there understand this feeling?


laceandsteam said...

Maybe your pink pyrex finding gene and your white bone finding gene are interconnected. Congratulations on your fabulous find.

Now that I've got Barbara Mandrell stuck in my head.

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

LOL :o)

Yep, I'm totally with ya on this one!
Well done on that find! That's amazing to see it in a bush whilst driving along...
We've lived in and around the New Forest Park for 8 years now, and go there lots and lots, and we STILL haven't found any antlers...

I love them!

I love crocheting with old bone, ivory hooks too...

So pleased your all safe and sound. :o)

Take care now. xxOOxx

jessijewels said...

really? i would have never pegged you as a carcass collector. hehe. good find girlie! xo