Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Favorite Flora and Fauna Finds

Well, I haven't been thrifting on vacation, so I don't have fabric to share today.  BUT, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the amazing wildfowers and animals we have been spying around here.  The most plentiful animal this year has been the chipmunks, but they were too fast to capture in photos!
These little lizards are quick, too, but they stop to warm up sometimes so you can click a quick shot.
Now this is no little lizard- he's about 10" long.  My dad snapped this shot when he accidentally scared this one out of some juniper shade.  When you see the heads of these big lizards, your first thought is always $#@^& SNAKE &@^&*$!!!
Not into the scaly creatures?  Then you will appreciate this furry little jackrabbit as much as we did.  He hopped across the road right in front of our car, then sat as still as a statue.  I think he thought he was blending in.  Indeed, had we not seen him arrive at this spot, we might not have noticed him at all.
It must have been an unusually wet spring and summer in the desert, because we have seen wildflowers here this year that I haven't seen in the 18 years I've been visiting!  Love these little orange ones, and you can see the rabbit ear cactus thriving in the background.
The barrel cactus is far less common than the rabbit ear.  We found this one while rockhounding out at Klondike Bluffs.  Wouldn't want to fall on this baby!
I'm pretty sure this one is called fireweed.  It sure does light up the surrounding area!
And last but not least, there's this pretty purple one.  Maybe lupine?  I love the star shaped leaves as much as the blossoms!
I hope you've enjoyed my little tour.  I could go on and on, but then you'd all blame me for putting you to sleep on your keyboards.  I will have some scenery and people shots to share next week :)


Minx's Den said...

i had an unpleasant surprise when stepping out of the shower earlier this week...A SNAKE!!! a garter snake snuck into my home and made his way into my bathroom, lots of animals are making interesting appearances!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I live in a desert country but we don't have flora and fauna like that. Probably because we don't have rain. Lizards, yes. But not much growth and color otherwise. Enjoy your trip. Tammy

Ribbons Undone said...

Okay, how are you girls doing on this trip? I trust better than last time. PLEASE tell me you're wearing plenty of sunblock too. I'm a bit concerned, Jennie!

Jennie said...

Lauren, if I ever saw a snake in my house, I would have a heart attack. That is just CRAZY!!!

Hi Tammy! The annual rainfall here is typically 8 inches. They have had MUCH more than that this year though. It's wonderful to see the desert kind of wake up this way :)

Victoria- This is a complete 180 from last trip. We have a daily routine which has helped tremendously, and Sophie isn't teething this time. We have really had the time of our lives- making every single minute count. Yes, sunscreen has been a BIG part of the daily routine! No sunburns here. Thanks for thinking of us. We fly home tomorrow, and it will be good to have a couple of weeks to chill before school starts. Good luck with your crocheting schedule!!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

This wildlife post is brilliant Jennie!
Especially to me, as it really shows me what you have to deal with over there :o)

I'm scared of spiders (improving as I get older) but I'm also pretty scared of snakes, and I sure would be jumping all over the place if I thought one of those cute lizards was a snake watching me :o)

Hope you're all having a great time over there :o)


jessijewels said...

great pics jenniegirl. thanks for sharing them. xo