Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yep.  This answers the question "What will they think of next?"  I truly could not believe my eyes when I saw this yarn in the craft store the other day.  It took my mind a few minutes to grasp that this was really what it says it is.  I picked it up, looked both ways, then gently stuck my nose in the end of the skein.  Oh please, you would have too!  I didn't stop there, either.  I smelled all the ones they had in stock: powder, chamomile, aloe, rose petal. 
So, these are very lightly scented- not overpowering at all.  I just can't help but wonder about this, though.  I mean, how did they do this?  Will the scent remain once the yarn has been washed?  Will people really buy these for the smell?  I DID purchase the aloe, but only because of the color.  I couldn't really smell that one anyway.  What do you think of this craziness?


Ribbons Undone said...

I know, it's a bit strange, isn't it? I have the same questions as you. I guess it's just a gimmick to get more people to try their hand at yarn crafts. Like you, I wouldn't gravitate towards it at all, unless I needed that specific color.

Sue said...

I would think the scent will wash out. That makes sense to me anyway.

Are the scented ones more money than those that are not?

Jill said...

Well... as someone who has to be a bit careful around perfumes etc, I would be a bit concerned about the chemicals used and the effects they would have on us 'delicate skinned' individuals / babies etc... I think I would rather smell of my own perfume...:)x

Linda B said...

It is very strange. I have problems with wool, scents and have very sensitive skin.

Please let us see what you make.

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Eermmm.... LOL .

This has cracked me up :o)
I would have had a good old sniff too Jennie :o)

Surely; Surely; most surely the smell will wash out straight away?
And more importantly, do you pay more for the smell? :o)

Thankyou for bringing us this one :o)

Hope you're all having a fandabby time! i keep thinking of you all :o)

Take care now :o)


Jennie said...

From what I can tell, the scented ones are only 20 cents more than the regular cotton the same size.

I'm so glad I gave you a giggle!

I figured I couldn't be the only one who hadn't seen these before. I will report back on the aloe once I make something. Perhaps the scent is just to benefit the crocheter/knitter? I have no clue, but I'm going to make something like a dishcloth and wash it and see what happens...