Saturday, October 18, 2008

Build~A~Bowl Workshop

No, silly, I'm not going to give away all of my crocheted bowl secrets! I am, however, going to begin cataloging the progress I am making on a custom bowl for Nikki at She requested an 8" lidded bowl to use in her family room as a project keeper. She has given me lots of *artistic license*, but the colors she wants are mainly red, black, and khaki.

My first step was to go fabric hunting- one of my favorite things to do in the world! I found some beautiful red flannel and a khaki/black plaid cotton sheet to start me off. I will make the top of the bowl and the bottom of the bowl exactly the same...whichever one is slightly larger will be the lid. The other will be the base. Scientific, huh?

Here is what I have so far :) Stay tuned, as I will post more pics as I proceed. There are a few other custom orders to fill, but this bowl will be the special creation that I come back to when I need "me" time. Nikki has also been gracious enough to give me no timeline whatsoever, so this is an absolutely pleasurable, no-pressure project!


Linda said...

A lidded bowl, that *is* a good idea.

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

who me gracious? couldn't be! lol im so excited...i have a few rag bowls that ive collected over my years of thrift/antique store digging but, this by far is going to be the "mostest specialist" one to me:) ive never had one custom made and to think that a woman and friend that i admire and cherish so much is making it with her own hands...couldnt be more special!! take your time doll...we all need those stress free projects every now and then!!! im so honored that yours could be my special bowl;) hugs~OsosoO~

lynnlewis764 said...

Jennie, great blog, and your work is wonderful.