Monday, October 20, 2008


What started out as an otherwise not very good day in the Thoma house got substantially better toward late afternoon. Incredibly, I found myself on the front page of Etsy again. Twice in one week!! This time I have to thank for the honor. I also have several very good friends to thank for their congrats convos which alerted me in the first place. Super big hugs to Ally at, Sarah at, Michele at, and Jessi at for the kind messages! It would be no fun at all to be on the front page and have no one to share it with :)


Linda said...

Wow Jennie, you are FAMOUS.

Linda said...

I was tagged by Robin of BeadsNestDesigns.

Now I am tagging you. Read my blog to see my 7 weird and not so weird facts about me.
Here are the rules:

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Mannie Vincent said...

Yes, I agree with Linda... you are FAMOUS!!! And the fact that we are on the same team and I know you... wow, it's makes it that much more exciting! haha

<3 Mannie

artsyclay said...

Congratulations! Beautiful front page!

elenasworld said...

I am so behind the times