Monday, October 27, 2008

My New Goodies!

Prettifying my packages is important to me, as is incorporating my *brand* at every opportunity. While I enjoy putting my own creative touch on my wrapping, I also recognize when someone else can do something better than I can! Many of my item tags and stickers have been happily purchased from other Etsy sellers; I highly recommend promosinasnap, kjpatino, tudorhouse, and wildmagic for their excellent work, communication and customer service.

I am just jumping up and down with excitement about my latest purchase for my shop, though! These appreciation cards were designed and made just for me by Jessi at Every single thing about this transaction was pleasurable. Jessi kept me in the loop with what she was working on and happily made changes as we tweaked the details together. The end result is beautiful, and the attention to detail and professionalism displayed by this shopowner is superb. I enjoy just looking at these in my craft room, and writing a thank you message on them when I send out a package is pure heaven. I LOVE my cards and I LOVE jessijewels!


Mannie Vincent said...

These are lovey, Jen (: I will def check out the shops you mentioned!

<3 Mannie

Linda said...

I also love to make my packages look great.
Once I have used up my mini envelopes from mamacateyes, I believe I will look up Jessi. These look professional and that's what we are all about, isn't it?
Thanks for pointing this seller out to us Jennie.

Schar Freeman said...

These are so gorgeous Jen! Great work our Jessi does!


Sarah Jane said...

What gorgeous little tags! :D That Jessi does fine work. I highly recommend her shop, also. :)

Blossoms said...

I love the way you package your creations! I wish I could do it like you.... I am trying now :)