Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My New Widget

OK, first of all, let us just take a moment to say the word "widget". Widget, widget, widget. You're smiling right? I know I am. And I know my friend Linda Butterfly is smiling. It's just one of those words!

So, my new widget is the purple playlist on the right. This is the coolest thing ever. It is possible that I think this because I am just beginning to emerge from a Little People and Wiggles induced haze; 3 years of listening to my daughter's music has me a little behind the times. Making this playlist has given me such a walk down memory lane, though, and I hope you will find something to enjoy as well :)

There are 25 songs on the list as of today. Click on any song to hear that song, and click at the bottom of the playlist to scroll the list. Let me know how you like my choices, and let me know if you have any trouble. Behold the new widget. Widget, widget, widget!!!


Kelly said...

I love how much fun you are having with your blog! :o)

Linda said...

You're right, I love the word "Widget." The other day I told my husband, "I put my Oodle Widget on my blog" and we couldn't stop laughing.

I'll listen to your music soon; I am so impressed with your blog Jennie. It has a lovely "feel" to it.

My iPod has over 5 day's worth of music; how can one ever decide what to put on a blogland music widget!

Mannie Vincent said...

YAY for widgets! (:

<3 Mannie

BeadNestDesigns said...

Love your new music widget! I added it to my blog too and it took me most of the afternoon to choose the songs!!

Schar Freeman said...

Neet widget,widget,widget,widget..
lol...sure is one of those fun words and items to add. I've had mine since I first began blogging.

Jennie I love your blog and the way you write! Such a talented wahine!!