Monday, June 29, 2009

Makeover Monday: 6/29

Good Monday morning, Friends! Thank you to all who voted for the makeover fabric this week. It was a tie, so I worked my fingers to the bone to do both. I told you I'm a pathological pleaser!

Remember the retro scarf fabric?

I paired it with a rust cotton, and I really like the delicate and bold contrast that resulted, don't you?

And that gorgeous cobalt and violet pillowcase?

Here it is in bowl form! I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I knew I loved the colors, but the fabric was almost as thin as gauze. I was afraid it wouldn't have enough substance, but my fears were unfounded. It worked up to be a sweet little shape, and it is both sturdy and light as a feather!
Here's hoping you had a great weekend, and that you have a wonderful week. So, do you have a favorite now that the makeovers are complete?


aandboriginals said...

Love them both, I knew you would be able to work wonders with what I found in the thrift store, can't wait to see what you can do with the rest!!!!

Have a great week!!

Sarah Jane said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love them both. :D

You did a stunning job, as ALWAYS! :D

Hurray for Makeover Monday!

Jennifer said...

Simply gorgeous Jen, I LOVE all of your work.

Mamabird said...

I love the tiny violet bowl...reminds me of a wee birds nest! Lovely work as per usual!!