Friday, June 12, 2009

Not *Just* A Slipper

Yep, the cat's out of the bag; I'm making an upcycled child's slipper as my Craft Hope project. I have my husband to thank for this fantastic idea- he scored major points with this one!
The beauty of making these out of upcycled fabric, though, is not just to add an ecofriendly twist. I wanted a scuff slipper or slip-on flip flop style with some of the strength and durability of an actual shoe.
I haven't been told which charity or organization I am matched up with yet, but in my mind it is a place where bare feet are the norm. I wanted to make something that would be comfy and protect little piggies at the same time.
I will have more photos of my finished prototype pair later this week. My mother has already put in her request for an adult sized set! Do you think this is an idea I should explore further for my Etsy shop? Be honest!


aandboriginals said...

Funny, I was going to ask you for a pair yesterday... I would definitely put a pair in your etsy shop and see what happens!!!

Schar Freeman said...

How cleaver putting both hubby and your minds together on this one. I can see these a bigBIG hit in places like the islands. Our tradition is to NOT ever wear outside shoes inside. The bringing in of outside "mana-spirit" is not acceptable. Many folks like "inside only" slippers and these would be a perfect item for us Hawaiian kine cultures!

Yes yes put them in your Etsy shop..with no doubts!

Best wishes for your continued inspiration and giving back to community Jennie!!

Proud of our very special hugger!

Arthur said...

Those would be AMAZING for anyone wandering the planet barefoot, and for those who want that comfort even when they don't "need" it. :)

I would absolutely put them up in your shop! And be sure to make them for men- there's not enough men's stuff on Etsy. :)

Proud Mama ! said...

Your Mother has already put in for not one pair but two pairs!!! One pair for funky fun days and one pair for simple quiet peaceful days! Your "happy feets" will transport many tired soles and many litle piggies to many happy jaunts and to many happy haunts! Best of Luck!

Sygnet Creations said...

Seriously I was totally pulling my guess from out of the blue. Ohhhh I can't wait to see more =)
I am still working with Jade and have no idea what I will be making quite yet but I am ubberly excited for you. Your hubby needs big 'ol hugs for this one.!

elenasworld said...

super cool!
what a great idea and can't wait to see more