Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Robin's Egg + Red = Retro Yummy

I am ridiculously enamored of my new napkin cuffs! I keep stealing glances at them in my sunroom, smiling at the sweet vintage buttons and the adorable color combo.

Don't these buttons look like itty bitty Jell-O molds?

I decided to use one of my 5 photo slots on Etsy to show what these look like when un-buttoned. They are adjustable! Can you think of anything else you might use these for besides napkin rings? I'd love to hear your ideas!!


aandboriginals said...

Well, they sure are beautiful, and I think they resemble my neck rings for my Rosettes, LOLOL. When I have the neck ring open and I am sewing the buttons on, they are the same exact shape, without the fancy edge!

I love these pics!!!

Cathy said...

love the colour combo of red and teal. First thing comes to mind is I would totally sew this on a the colar of a baby onesie to fancy it up, so cute!!

jade said...

oh i love the idea of putting them on a baby onesie. i'm using these exact colors decorate my nursery right now! i've got gingham coming out my ears. :)

by the way, it's me (jade)... i blog at chikaustin.com and also have crafthope. didn't want you to go "who is this lady?" :)