Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deal Me In

My friend Evelyn of ModishVintage has recently been blog sharing some of her amazing vintage collections . Do check them out by clicking HERE! She has inspired me to share some of my own treasures with you. Are you ready? My name is Jennie, and I am a vintage playing card freak!! There, I said it. It's the first step, right?

My criteria for purchasing these cards is very simple. I don't care if there is a full deck. I don't care who made them. I don't even care how much they cost, since they generally only go for $1-$5 in thrift shops and antique stores. I care that they are not all bent up and ugly. And, they must not smell.

Why playing cards, you ask? I sure wish I had an answer for you! I guess I love that the old ones are little pieces of art. I adore their colors and patterns. They remind me of a simpler time. I like to give out vintage rose playing cards with my sosorosey orders, and I often include a fun one with sosovintage orders too. One thing is certain, I have more cards now than I will EVER need. Will I buy more? You betcha!
Do you have an interesting or unique collection? Please share by leaving a comment!


E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

hi Jennie, welcome to the club! this is a great idea to include with customer's purhases, and I agree those patterns and colors are just lovely. I collect vintage flashcards too, maybe I'll steal this idea ;)

Ribbons Undone said...

Hmmm. Maybe there is some hidden gambler inside you just dying to get out!

When I taught I wrote one of the casinos in Atlantic City asking for free cards and dice to use in the classroom. Well, Trump (I believe) sent me a huge box of dice and cards--all with holes drilled through them. The kids loved them; we made up our own math games, etc. When other teachers walked in my room, they thought I was teaching the kids to gamble!

Sometimes, just sometimes, I miss those days.

Ribbons Undone said...

Yes, I had to do a bit of sewing--I made a lightweight muslin slip to cover the pillow first. Then I enclosed the pillow with the crocheted panels using a single crochet stitch all around the perimeter. Thanks for asking.