Monday, July 19, 2010

Makeover Monday: 7/19

Yes, you've come to the right blog. I know these aren't colors that you typically see me work with. Just another reason I love custom orders- it helps me break out of my rosey rut!

This will be a two (or more?) part makeover, as this is all I have completed on this project so far. When it is finished, it will be an oval rag rug for a contemporary bathroom- measuring 48" long and 30" wide. Stay tuned for more progress!
Happy Monday! What's going on in your world these days? This week I am looking forward to getting lots of new goodies listed in both shops. I am hard at work designing the 2010 sosorosey Christmas ornaments, too. Now that the dreaded dentist visit is over, I am full of relief. Have to get an oil change and a foot check up this week. Hoping to get the all clear to go to the American Idol concert boot-less on Friday. Wahooooo- Lee, here I come!!


Ribbons Undone said...

Wow--that's a good sized rag rug. How do you keep your stitches so small/tight when crocheting with fabric? I feel that my recent rag rug is kinda hole-y. Stitches are not loose, just very open. I used a P hook. Curious how you achieve your look.

MA said...

YIPPPPEEEE!!! My baby is "on the way"!!! It's just so awesome to watch her being born. Can hardly wait for her birthday! oxoxox

Jennie said...

Victoria- I think the look I get with my rugs is a result of cutting the fabric VERY wide (like 3 inches, give or take- depending on the thickness of the material). I use a very large hook, and keep the tension tight. Loose rugs have a very pretty look, too- I am going to let go of my need for "tight" one day and give it a try :)