Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trip Memento

Some people come home from vacations with t-shirts or shot glasses or stuffed animals...not me! While killing time in Newburyport waiting for our harbor cruise to set sail, I found a super fun antique barn called Oldies . I didn't have as much time or stamina as I would have liked for this kind of shopping, but I did manage to find this treasure to add to my collection!
I was intrigued by the magenta color on the box. While the outside had seen better days, I just had to peek inside to see what this card game looked like.
SQUEEEEEEAAAAL! How adorable is this child? From the sweet pale pink scallopy detail around the edges to that little freckled nose, I am totally in love with this image. Way better than a t-shirt, right?


Ribbons Undone said...

I agree. I don't like to get caught up in tourist souvenirs such as T-shirts, post cards, pens, and other useless items. You'll have so many fond memories that are conjured up each time you look at these cards. Super cute find.

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

Definitely better than a shirt. I don't like buying souvenirs either, they're waste of money and end up donating it to Goodwill.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Smiles, Karen