Saturday, August 7, 2010


This GORGEOUS quilt is my Thursday's treasure for this week. It is quite possibly the most amazing bundle of beauty that I have ever owned. Stunning vintage fabrics in all of my favorite colors; varied textures and florals combine to exude an authentic and true shabby chic vibe. No stains, bright colors, very little wear. All mine! Salvation Army: $4.99. Seriously.
Why am I sharing Thursday's treasure with you on Saturday, you ask? Would you believe I have spent the last four days trying to get a photo or two that I felt would come close to showcasing this item's specialness? These two shots are the closest I could get, and they still don't do it any justice at all. Grrrr.
On a more positive note, I get to give the boot the boot in one more week! I hope you are having a super duper weekend... what are your plans? Do tell!


Ribbons Undone said...

Ooh that is a lovely find and the price was definitely right! I think things are more expensive up here. Oh well.

I've been wanting to ask you about Etsy teams. I know you participate in one. How beneficial is being a team member? I certainly can use a boost with Etsy, and I don't know where to turn. Would joining a team be helpful? I just don't really have a good understanding of what teams are and what they really accomplish.

Mamasan said...

That quilt is an absolutely beautiful find....and the price, you can hardly go to McDonalds and get lunch for that...and then it's gone! Whereas you spent your $4.99on something you could have for years...pass on to your baby girl even! You do have the "eye for specialness"!!

Jennie said...

Hi Victoria~ I am actually officially a member of 3 teams, though I am mainly active with just one. Joining the right team is definitely helpful. Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it... and different teams have different rules and requirements. Some are very friendly and relaxed, and others are more into hardcore promotion.

Think about what you feel comfortable offering a team- will you make treasuries? will you visit the forum thread and post? will you participate in team challenges and events? And think about whether you'd like to be on a team of people who make similar items, or one that is united by geographic location. Or maybe a team of similar minded, similar situation types, like etsymoms. If you find you don't like it or aren't comfortable with a certain group, it's no big deal to fade off. If you would like more info about different teams, there's a page on etsy somewhere that gives info and/or links.

I feel like I'm writing a book here- hehe. I'll be happy to answer any other team questions if I can- don't hesitate to send me a message :)

CelticKnot said...

Wow, this is really, really beautiful! It looks SO *you*!

Nicole Austin said...

what an amazing find!! lucky you! :) you find the most amazing items, what's your secret? ;)

Jennie said...

Thanks, Nicole! My secret? Hmmm. Passion and persistance... and lots of luck.