Monday, October 4, 2010

Makeover Monday

I chose this fabric based on the official merchandising information published on Etsy. Hot colors for the fall are supposed to be plum, moss, and saffron. This is more gold than yellow, but I'm hoping it's close enough. Let's see how many treasuries this new item will make it into!
This is a nice big basket- over 11" across and about 4" tall.

The purple and gold lend it a *royal* appearance. Now she just needs a queen or king to request her presence at their palace. ;)


elsiee said...

any queen would be lucky to have such a gorgeous royal basket!!

Clara said...


BizzyDays said...

This has crocheted up beautifully Jennie. I love those colours and the patterning :0)
Have a great week.
Donna x