Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picture Day

Before having my own child, I had no idea how much stress picture day could cause. When I was a (childless) teacher, I worried a little about how the picture schedule would impact my lessons and I really liked seeing the kids come to school all dressed up. But, I never considered all of the effort it took to get them looking so cute!
I would assume that this was one of those *just me* things, but I have checked with several other moms who feel the same way. (whew) Seriously, I felt the weight of "Picture Day" from the moment the flyer came home announcing the date.
I had to go through Sophie's clothes and figure out what would a) fit b) look nice with a "flag background" c) match her one pair of dressy shoes that still kind of fit and d) be something she would wear. Then I had to figure out what to put on her legs. Then what would go in her hair. But that meant I had to decide how I would *do* her hair. And what if it was a hot day? Or a freezing day?
When I stopped to consider WHY I was getting myself so worked up about this, I realized it had not much at all to do with the dress she wore or how her hair was done. Rather, it was more about the perceived importance of capturing her true essence at this age, at her best, for posterity. I mean, these are the photos that get sent out to all of the relatives... that hang on walls and linger in albums for decades. A wrong move, a poor choice, bad hair could haunt her for the rest of her life. No pressure there. Never mind that if the photos were bad I could just - gasp - not order them.
So, this is NOT what she wore for Picture Day. It's what she picked out for herself when I let her come home and change. In her defense, she couldn't reach the long pants. I convinced her to push the black socks down before we went to the library. It is a photo that happens to capture her true essence at this age. At her best? Maybe. It sure makes me smile and think "That's my girl!".
I know that soon enough the great Picture Day decisions won't be mine alone (or at all) anymore... and I will long for this kind of stress. At any rate, we survived, she looked beautiful, and now a small burden has been lifted. I may safely move on to the next obscure, innocuous thing to obsess about.


Clara said...

I love picture you have taken of her here in her own choice of clothes. She is beautiful.

BizzyDays said...

What an absolute Darling your daughter is Jennie :0)
Such a beautiful picture and pose!
This is one to treasure.
Have a lovely weekend.
Love Donna x

Nana said...

THAT IS INDEED MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!! A one of a kind, real live, ball of fire! All girl, and very proud of it...girl's rule!!! Lovely little Sophie!!

lesliemehlart said...

wow rosey, is she a pistol or what? i'm so happy that you enjoy her so much..and enjoy these beautiful days before puberty and the struggles begin!LOL!! we just found a school picture of me and we laughed til we are creating memories for a lifetime and beyond.

jessijewels said...

omg just look at that pose! lil' miss thang will be rockin her school pictures, i'm sure. can't wait to see!

ps) the big toy basket turned out AWESOME!

xo- jsis

glor said...

Sophie is such a beautiful little girl and I have to say looks very cute in what she picked out. Love the pose! They do grow so quickly, before you know it you're right, you won't be able to make the pick!

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...
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E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

what a cutie pie, love her pose! the kids also had their picture day last week and oh let me tell you, major stress especially cutting DS hair the night before hoping that it will turn out ok. of course everything turned out great!