Saturday, October 30, 2010

Makeover Saturday: Special Edition

There is just no better advertising than word of mouth. One of my recent custom order customers was so pleased with her purchase that she recommended my work to a friend- what an honor!
My new customer was hoping to have a bowl (or two) made out of her grandmother's nightgown, pictured above. Having never worked with a nylon/spandex mix, my main concern was that the fabric would compress so much that I'd have trouble getting a bowl of any size at all.

Though the gown was a size small, and not small by today's standards, it thankfully had a very full skirt. While cutting the slippery, slinky fabric was a bit of a challenge, I was able to have enough to make two bowls after all. The one on top is 4" wide by 3" tall, and the other is about 3" by 3". I cut the strips about 2.5" thick to account for shrinkage.
(hehe're thinking about George Costanza aren't you?)

And look, the bowls can nest together, too! I had a teeny bit of fabric leftover- enough to crochet a chain about 6 inches long. I twirled it into a "rose", added some lace from the bodice and a pinback, and created a special treat to add to the package. Shhhh- that part is a secret!


Cottage In The Sun said...

What a great idea! And how sweet of you to make it extra special!

BizzyDays said...

Oh Jennie, you're so brave using that nylon! They've turned out fabulous! I would never have thought that that mix would turn out ok!
Mind you, it was YOU using it and not ME! LOL
Have a special weekend Jennie.
Love the rose too :)
Love Donna x

moab said...

Clever you!!! Your work will always carry you far!! Great work!

CelticKnot said...

Wow. This is so gorgeous. What a beautiful color and a sweet, lovely item to cherish forever. :-)

Clara said...

Very unique and personal. Wonderful.

elsiee said...

I agree what a wonderfully sentimental and beautiful re purposing of in intimate item belonging to a loved one!

Ribbons Undone said...

Wow--what lovely items you have created. I especially like the flower embellishment.

"Shrinkage" -- another great Seinfeld-ism!