Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sound the Trumpet

Our winner is.....
~*~*~ rockhound ~*~*~
Congratulations, and thanks SO much to all of you who left a comment. I really, really can't express how touched I am by all of your kind words. I know that I'll read them again and again.
And now... I'm off to finish up Makeover Monday for tomorrow. I have a neat twist to this one, so don't forget to stop by. I'm going to need your help :)


CelticKnot said...

Congratulations rockhound and Jennie!

rockhound said...

WOWEEEEE!!!! I am so surprised to have won! Thank You! Another of the things about your blog is the fun things you do....these contests you often play make for a great, fun thing to do as well as a making your blog a great, fun read!! Thanks, off to "sosorosey" to shop! :)

Clara said...

Congrats...always fun to win.