Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Big (NOT) Easy

I have a problem. Well, actually I have lots of them, but today I am focusing on just one.
I have a section of my downstairs that is being taken over by items that I have a mental block about listing and selling. These are not items that I ever bought to keep. They were purchased with the entire purpose of selling. But, I acquired them before I realized I had such a phobia of dealing with *big* things.
Now I can already sense those of you who sell chairs and couches and bar stools and tables beginning to laugh at me. Please understand that *big* is all relative. My comfort zone is, well, sending envelopes of fabric, or boxes filled with crocheted goodies. I can even handle the occasional piece of Pyrex or set of mugs.
But, when I begin to consider photographing magazine racks, shoeshine caddies, tool trugs, briefcases or doll trunks I start to hyperventilate a little. My mind comes up with five million other things that *must* be done, and those items continue to sit in my den without a hope or chance of finding a new home!
Well, ENOUGH! With you all as my witnesses, I WILL photograph and list one of these cumbersome items every week until they are all in my shop. You have my word, and keeping my word is not one of my problems ;)
Care to join me in making a public declaration of a baby step you will take toward a task that you've been afraid of or avoiding? Please do! Leave a comment and let's support each other toward our goals. The doll trunk pictured here will be my first *big* item to list... look for her soon in sosovintage!


Cerise said...

What a beautiful doll trunk! I get a headache just thinking about shipping anything. Hopefully this year I'll get over it and start a shop.

Minx's Den said...

I love that doll trunk! i think my mom had one of those, i'm not sure...good luck to posting and selling bigger wares! I am starting on bigger pillows for my shop...slightly out of my comfort zone!

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Oooo..I'm so pleased you have that 'problem' Jennie lol :0)

I seem to not be able to finish stuff like that..I have a whole host of items to put on Etsy, and it takes me aagggeess to get round to doing it, it's just like some sort of mental 'block' lol.

Still, we're both getting there :0)

I love that dolls closet, and all the other items you mentioned sound fabulous too :0) I can't wait to nosey at them on SoSoVintage :0) xox

Ribbons Undone said...

Sigh. I know the feeling. I used to do Ebay--a lot. Big items--based on your scale of big--vintage toys and Barbie items. Once I shipped the entire Barbie Dream Home in 3 huge boxes by Fed Ex. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. I look back and think, how did I do that? I certainly can relate.

Knitting has been the one thing that I've been really trying to learn. Little steps. I'm getting there. Lately I haven't been crocheting much and/or blogging much. Haven't been putting much on Etsy, and items have been expiring. I'm concentrating on my knitting skills and trying to sharpen them. I guess that's been my "Big (NOT) Easy."

Evelyn said...

I too had to overcome listing big items in my shop, shipping is another story, but once you start listing them and selling them at a decent profit then the listing and shipping part will be all worth it.

Clara said...

I think you should get comfortable by visiting others who sell the larger items and ask a few questions. Most people are willing to share their ideas.