Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Well, according to me (and many of my bloggy friends), most Pyrex is a treasure! This set is especially wonderful in that it is just like new and all three pieces have UNCHIPPED lids as well.

And here we have.... a metal fly mold. Heehee- now there are three words I wouldn't have expected to write on my blog! Still, I thought this was quite the treasure since it's not only that hot industrial chic, it's a unique supply that can still be used today. For? Maybe crayons? Or resin pendants? Or candles or soap? According to my research, it is from the Creepy Crawly Thingmaker toy by ToyMax ... unfortunately from 1992. Won't be vintage til next year, lol. If you have a need for a metal fly mold- I'm your gal ;)


Minx's Den said...

haha i remember that fly mold! i had one once as a 10 year old kid! gaww i can't believe almost 20 years ago I was 10! ahhhh! have you noticed that bugs are in style? I seriously mean embroidered on handkerchiefs, little bug plushies, interesting huh?

Sharon Marie said...

Love the pyrex. I have some old mixing bowls that I love--yellow, green and blue. They remind me of the old days because my mom and aunts had a set just like them.

Clara said...

I do recall the Pyrex and the mold too. I had a friend who had them all.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

I love the Pyrex!!!