Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Just when I thought Tuesday's trip to the Salvation Army was a bust, I spied this beauty peeking out from the linen rack! It has a few flaws, but it also has a ton of gorgeous fabric for pillows or stuffed animals or totes, etc. I think I will sell it whole, as is, for some lucky seamstress to harvest as she sees fit.


Funny story, while I was pushing my cart around with this hanging over it, a lady came up oohing and ahhing and said, "Do you KNOW what this IS? Um, "What?" I reply- thinking maybe there was a special name for the pattern or something.


"An old chenille BEDSPREAD!" she proclaimed. Well, I'll be! I guess that takes care of that! Teehee. Perhaps I looked so youthful that she figured I couldn't possibly be old enough to remember these. Yep, that must be it :)


Sharon Marie said...

Oh my goodness does that bedspread bring back memories. When I was a young girl I had one on my bed.

aandboriginals said...

I would have died laughing if I were you, when the woman told you it was a bedspread...... I am sure you acted completely appropriately and said "Thank You".

Very nice find !

yippeevintage said...

Great find & great story :) Thanks for the laugh!

Mama said...

Should you ever come across a "mint condition" chennile bedspread, preferably white or pastel blue, buy it and "call yo mama" pronto!! I love chennile and would love owning either a bedspread or bathrobe....a bathrobe would be divine!!! Oh, and I think I raised you right...your response was the very essence of graciousness!!! Lovely lady you are!!!

Clara said...

That's so funny!

It is beautiful!