Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Treasure: 7/28

I am not typically a fast mover.  Unless I am late- I hate to be late.  So, in thrift stores that I am familiar with, I don't tend to dawdle.  I move along at my *casual slow* pace, reaching carefully to look certain things over, gently moving this knick knack or that odd-n-end to be sure I don't miss anything.
But on occasion, a find calls for swift action.  This comes from the more subconscious region of my brain.  The place that quickly registers *pink* or *aqua* or *pyrex* or *atomic*  before I've really even laid both eyes on the item.  The place that screams "GRAB IT" before I have time to even think. 
When I reached out my hands for this amazing lidded divided dish in the more rare promotional pattern "constellation" today, I felt like a frog flipping his tongue out for a fly.  I probably thought the same thing as the frog, too, "Mmmm mmmm".
This dish and lid are in as near to mint condition as I've ever seen.  Absolutely stunning.  Look for them in sosovintage later this evening!  When was your last frog/fly catch?  Do share!


Carol said...

LOL!! Jennie...I LOVE vintage pyrex...and I collect cake when I saw your photo, my heart fluttered!!!!! Beautiful!

CelticKnot said...

Ooo, beautiful dish! You know I love that pattern.

I go thrifting on occasion, and I look for bottles for my stars and books. I am elated that a thrift store just for books recently opened up in the neighboring town, and I bet I look like a hungry frog whenever I go in there. :-D

Evelyn said...

love this pattern!

Ribbons Undone said...

Uh oh--today I saw a Pyrex lidded dish (daisy pattern) at the thrift shop. I picked it up, and (please don't slap me) I put it back down. Should I go back and get it? Price? Under $4.

Jennie said...

Lol, Victoria- I wouldn't slap you! Though was it the pink daisy? Cuz then I'd consider it...

The vintage counterpart to the realtor's "location, location, location" is "condition, condition, condition". I've passed up many a piece of Pyrex that had a chip, dark mark or scratch or, heaven forbid, cloudy color from people putting it in the DISHWASHER. Ugh. If you left a perfectly wonderful piece of daisy Pyrex sitting on a shelf, well, you *could* go back- but I'd bet money it wouldn't be there anymore.

jessijewels said...

what a great writer you are. you have a way with words like no other. :)
x j